You’ve seen our new site and heard from our clients, but now check out this review from one of our awesome Content curators, Jaini Shah. Jaini is an elephant-loving, wanderlusting wheelchair globe-trotter, self-proclaimed “foodie” and an artist at heart. With her passion for writing, she started the blog as an outlet to talk about her travel experiences as a wheelchair user, but has now expanded to talk about her other two loves: food (especially coffee & dessert) and her paintings. (

One of my favorite things to do when I’m on my favorite social media app is to find cool people with interesting feeds. I particularly look out for people with a little bit of travel, food and art and generally a good aesthetic feed. In fact that is how I found Sonal Haria’s feed, back when she was living and running her own marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada. I love how social media allowed us a controlled insight into each other’s lives. And fast forward to just a few months ago, I was on the hunt for a job when I saw an advertisement for a Social Media Manager for Canvas Media Ltd. And now I create content for them!

Canvas Media Ltd. was started by Sonal Haria and Arjan Grewal-Thethy, who were unable to find someone to help develop their popular lifestyle, health and fitness brand, NutriEats (YES! They also run another business). Not happy with some of the generic work offered in the market, they set out to do everything on their own, from photography, graphic design, market research, and digital marketing and even published their own recipe book. The brand had grown through word of mouth and far more than they had anticipated. And knowing what they had done coupled with Sonal’s PR and digital marketing experience in Vancouver and Arjan’s knowledge of the Kenyan market trends, Canvas Media was born in a cute, eclectic Nairobi café over cappuccinos and erratic Wi-Fi.

Now, you’re wondering how I fit into this picture. To be honest, I really don’t. After seeing Canvas’ exciting growth on my social media, I spotted an ad for a social media manager among other positions. With only the experience of handling my blog and personal social media, I applied for the job. Well, in case you’re wondering, I didn’t get the job, but Sonal offered me   something even better. I got and still have the opportunity to write for them and create online content for their clients, while I pursue an internship at one of the best companies in my field of work in East Africa.

Enough about me now! Working with Sonal and Arjan has been fun and exhilarating as I have been able to add my own creative flair to the pieces I write for their clients. Creative and vibrant, they know the ins and outs of the local market, making them ideal for you. Specializing in building fresh, innovative, strong brands that stand out, they are able to creatively capture the authentic spirit of your business.

Recently, the Canvas Media site had an overhaul and unveiled a brand new inviting look at The interactive website lists their services that include digital marketing aspects such as social media management, multi-platform digital campaigns, online blogs, digital advertising and graphic design. That’s not all! They also provide personal brand management including photo shoots and lifestyle branding. They can even develop your business website for you, complete with search engine optimization services.

If you need videos and photos for your business, Canvas offers photo and video production services with post-production services too. They also carry our product branding services for those special events, including weddings. Yep, they even do wedding cards. Speaking of weddings and events, if you need event PR and event management, Canvas will strive to create a unique, bespoke event for you. And lastly, where I come in, Canvas can also create content for you including blogs, articles, press releases, corporate documents and content research.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at their new website and check out some of their clients they have worked with, across various industries such as Kenblest, Sokompare, Caramel Lounge & Restaurant, Chandaria Industries, Once Upon A Child, Urban Eatery, The Lazizi Premiere Hotel and Greenergia.

Ok, let me run for some donuts and you log on to to see more!