Our Top Ten Favourite Cafes in Nairobi

Here at Canvas, we like love our coffee. We are constantly on the lookout for new jaunts in the city under the sun to fuel us to produce the quality work we are known for.

Check out our top ten must-see cafes within Nairobi. Try a new place next time you’re in need of caffeine and thank us later (@canvasmedia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

  1. The Arbor

Did you know Canvas Media Ltd. started up at The Arbor? So there is no way this list can exist without our favorite café. Set in a pretty garden in Lavington, The Arbor serves up authentic Malaysian food alongside café classics (including our fave – coffee) in a gorgeous outdoor space where they also sell plants and select jewelry and furniture.

  1. Artcaffe

With over ten outlets located across Nairobi, Artcaffe has grown to be one of Nairobi’s most popular cafes. With a variety of coffees and pastries among other dishes to choose from, we particularly love their Vanilla Latte. The sweetness of the vanilla perfectly complements the milky coffee, and is a sweet way to start your day off, especially if coupled with a pastry or two.


  1. Wasp & Sprout

One of Nairobi’s cutest hipster cafes, Wasp & Sprout has quickly become famous for their superior coffee, but also for their unique décor that rivals Cape Town’s iconic cafes.


  1. The Daily at the Urban Eatery

Located in a restaurant with four kitchens, you can order anything from coffee to a variety of breakfasts, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, burgers and a range of café-style dishes. We love both the modern décor and the wide menu selection.


  1. Spring Valley Coffee

Tucked away in the Total Petrol station on Lower Kabete road, the Spring Valley Coffee serves up some of the best coffee in town made with the freshest and finest Arabica Kenyan coffee. Each bean is carefully hand-picked and then ground up per order. They’re also behind the famous Conc NBO, bringing cold brew coffee to Nairobians!


  1. River Cafe

Running our sister company, NutriEats, also requires that we recommend our clients get outside and exercise while breathing in some fresh, clean air. The River Cafe is the perfect recuperation spot to sip on a cuppa after a lovely walk or run in the Karura Forest.



  1. Donuts World

Donuts World is not just donut galore. We love that we can catch up with friends over a cup of coffee, sheesha or even a fresh, hot meal. And of course, we get to indulge in the best donuts in town.



  1. Aroma at Lazizi Premiere Hotel

Sometimes, business travel means being up and ready at odd hours of the day. Knowing that, we love the 24-hour café at the Lazizi Premiere Hotel. Located right outside the airport, this café is ideal to enjoy an exhilarating gastronomic experience, while waiting for your flight. Our favourite thing is to watch the culinary maestros at work in the show kitchen while devouring on international delicacies.


  1. Le Grenier à Pain

This spectacularly-designed elegant cafe not only offers some of the best French pastries in Nairobi, including our favourite – macarons, but also has some delicious wine and a charcuterie board. From simple coffee to elaborate brunch to Happy Hour cocktails, Le Grenier à Pain has it all. An added bonus is that their working space and their beautiful patio allows us to work away from the office, while enjoying some scrumptious treats.



  1. Connect Coffee

Sometimes we just need quality coffee with no frills attached and connect coffee roasters offers just that. With modern minimalistic interiors, the coffee shop offers two types of brewed blends alongside their signature coffee creations. We love to grab a cuppa for that caffeine hit, especially if it’s with a fluffy waffle.


And these are our current top ten favorite cafes in Nairobi. The restaurant and café scene is always growing in Nairobi so we are always on the lookout for where we can get our next caffeine hit.