As twenty-first century, young entrepreneurs, here at Canvas Media, we not only use modern tools to market digitally for our clients but also use some pretty incredible apps from a vast selection available to us to make sure that we produce quality work in a productive manner with minimal waste of time and resources.

And thus, without any more fluff, here are five apps that any smart entrepreneurs must use:


  1. Evernote

A web-based site and mobile app, Evernote is quickly going to be your one-stop place for all your notes. We love using it to take notes during in-house meetings or meetings with clients. The particular feature we love is that each “note” is searchable, and not only can each note be a piece of formatted text, a web page, a photograph, a voice memo or a handwritten “ink” text, but they can also have files attached. Notebooks can be added to a stack while notes can be sorted into notebooks, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments and even exported as part of a notebook. This is the new digital age notebook that allows us to be productive while working away from the office.


Another fan fave is Mindly that has similar features to Evernote, except it lets you draw mind maps to help signify the most complex concepts into simple ideas that make sense. 

  1. Hootsuite

Our business focuses on digital marketing, and so one of the apps that we love is Hootsuite that allows us to save time by scheduling posts that can be shared across different social media platforms. Seriously, who has the time now to post exactly at 3PM when it can be done automatically? Nothing makes a smart entrepreneur happier than saving time to do more important tasks!


  1. Wunderlist

We all have those WhatsApp groups where once everyone is online, your phone camera roll is full of random screenshots or pictures as you try to decide on the one important task of the day. Enter Wunderlist, a web-based site and mobile app that allows co-workers to create and share to-do lists that are ideal for the workplace when delegating work. What we love about the app is that it is all cloud-based and that you can add due dates, reminders, assignees, subtasks, files, and notes to each task. It is the new-age digital to-do list that keeps us on top of our work.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a social network created to connect professionals is a great way to spend a few minutes to find like-minded, similar individuals, especially when you’re stuck in Nairobi’s never-ending traffic. Not only can a smart entrepreneur find a suitable mentor on the network, but you can also find qualified employees. So entrepreneurs make sure your account is up-to-date. Hurry! 

  1. Google Drive

Here at Canvas, we need to constantly share and send files between ourselves or clients. Google drive not only allows us to save up to 15GB of data but also lets us see changes in real-time, and the owner of the drive’s files can control who can view, edit or comment on the information. Without this app, Canvas wouldn’t be able to function!



BONUS: Elevate!

Now we’ve listed five apps that will boost your entrepreneurial productivity, but check out one of our favorite brain function-boosting app – Elevate. With simple games that work on grammar, reading, listening, speaking and mental math skills, our brain can still remain sharp days months after leaving school. Plus, who wouldn’t want to keep their brain sharp?



So, now connect to the Wi-Fi, open your App Store and make sure to download these apps ASAP. Trust us, you’ll love how productive your life will become.