Father’s Day is coming up on the 18th June 2017 and we know you’re wondering how to celebrate this year as you can’t just do a brunch or a fancy dinner every year or you know, gift the same cologne every year.

Dads are special. From teaching us how to ride a bike to getting up early to drive to the Nairobi National Park because you wanted to see the “simbas” to when they inevitably wake you up with their loud snoring as they tried to put you to bed but fell asleep while you just stared at nothing, evading sleep, Dads do a lot for us. This, of course, includes the most common act – when they save you from Mom’s wrath because you didn’t listen to her for the umpteenth time. Dads are the best!

Did you know that Father’s Day was started by Grace Colden Clayton in 1908, who wanted to remember and honour fathers who had lost their lives in the worst coal mining disaster in the USA in 1907? Soon, this holiday took off to become a national holiday after bring introduced to American Congress in 1913. By 1972, it was a permanent national holiday to celebrate fathers. And today it is celebrated worldwide on every third Sunday of June.


Well, here are five unique ways to make this year’s Father’s Day celebration a memorable one.

  1. Jazz Sunday at Urban Eatery

If you just want to chill and spend some quality time with your old man, head to the Urban Eatery. Enjoy the live jazz tunes, order some beers and have a burger or two. There is nothing like relaxing with Pop enjoying some beers, good food, and great music!




  1. Brown’s Cheese Factory Tour

Are you a foodie? Is your dad a foodie? Are you both hungry now or are munching on something? If you just answered any of the three questions with yes, then this is perhaps one of the coolest escapades you could have right here in Nairobi. Spend an afternoon at Brown’s Cheese learning about they make their cheese and take a tour of their factory. Then, indulge in a cheese tasting, which you can also ask to pair with wine (if booked beforehand). If you’d like, you can even make your own Mozzarella and children can even milk the cows on site if interested. And end the tasting experience with a delicious three-course meal, including Delia’s All Natural Ice Cream which is absolutely divine.

Our tip: don’t miss this and wear loose clothing for maximum enjoyment.

  1. Ziplining at The Forest

Located just 45 minutes from Nairobi, The Forest located within Kereita Forest offers a range of activities. From high-adrenaline activities such as ziplining, mountain biking, paintballing, archery to tranquil absorption of the surrounding nature through guided nature walks, fly fishing and tree planting, The Forest is a unique way to spend time with Dad. Whether he is an adrenaline junkie or a nature guy, you’ll both leave exhilarated and full of precious memories.


  1. Drive-in movie at Two Rivers Mall

Back in the day before the IMAX and 3D movie culture took off, one of the best ways to watch a movie when we were younger was at the drive in. In fact, we remember falling asleep halfway through the movie. And don’t blame, us the car is just that cozy. But now, looking back, it was a fun way to watch a movie while spending time with Dad as he explained everything that happened on screen to our young minds who didn’t quite understand how movies work.

Relive that experience at the biggest mall in Africa – watch the classic favorite The Shawshank Redemption at the Two Rivers Mall. Let the waves of nostalgia hit you as you enjoy a movie together and reminisce the good ol’ days when all you worried about was your chocolate stash under your bed. Oh, was it just us? Well, don’t blame us, it’s the #foodieprobs!

  1. Get creative and paint away

Spend Father’s Day doing something out of the box. Be a little creative and paint away. With a variety of events to choose, you could paint away while sipping on some good wine and or paint with coffee. You read that right, not sipping on coffee while painting, but painting with coffee!

Without a need to have any artistic skills, you could be sipping away on some delicious wine as you nibble on cheese, as an art instructor – Cyprian Jazzman – guides you through a painting session in the lush, green Karura Forest. After a fun-filled afternoon, both you and dad will end up with gorgeous masterpieces to hang up proudly. And if you’re a little more exploratory, check out the Coffee Painting Workshop at The Nairobi Art Centre. Learn new techniques and create paintings made of Connect Coffee Roasters’ coffee grounds that create gorgeous coffee hues and shades in sepia tones. Of course, for both activities, materials will be provided.

Speaking of coffee, if you can’t get any of these, then make sure to grab coffee with Dad at any one of our favourite cafes in the city.


Happy Father’s Day from Team Canvas!