Scoring Big With Events Marketing

Analysts had already predicted that 2018 would be a big year for the events marketing industry, and they were not wrong. Events’ marketing continues to be a strong determinant over the staying power of brands in the market. In addition, the companies that have the best events annually are usually the ones that end up with increased revenues as well as increased market share. It is therefore imperative that companies take events’ marketing seriously by always staying abreast with new techniques and technologies.

Whether you are an entrepreneur building your own firm, or you are a marketing strategist working for a large multinational firm, you need to come to terms with how important events’ marketing is for modern day businesses. 2018 is already nearly half-way through, and Kenyan companies need to be more aggressive about their events’ marketing campaigns in order to achieve greater success.

The following are some trends that local companies need to embrace in order to reap big from their events’ marketing efforts.

  • Quality and reliable content

If you want your marketing event to be a truly impactful one, then you need to produce and provide quality and authoritative content for the event’s attendees. Quality over quantity is essential in the events’ marketing industry. You need to demonstrate to your potential clients during the event that what you are selling has value and can significantly enrich their lives and/or their businesses.

  • Immersive technologies

Immersive technologies are becoming a huge part of the events’ marketing process. These technologies help bring marketing events to life, making them unforgettable experiences in the minds of the attendees. Immersive marketing at events will bring about greater brand engagement owing to the deeper, enhanced, and more effectual experience that the attendee receives.

Some of the immersive technologies that are proving to be extremely useful during events include 3D Mapping Projections, Ambient Interactivity, as well as Augmented and Virtual Reality. These technologies are improving every day, and taking advantage of them as early as now, will give your business a bigger edge over your competitors.

  • Video Content

The use of video content to promote marketing events has skyrocketed during the first few months of this year. Marketers post live video of the events to the company’s social media profiles in order to engage even more people, whether they are in attendance or not. Posting live video content of the event is now a matter of survival for brands. Video content no longer falls under the category of bonus content, as it has proven to be a critical tool in keeping the conversation going even after the event is over.

The most popular platforms for video content revolving marketing events include LinkedIn, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat, and WhatsApp Stories.

The above are just some of the strategies you should apply to your events’ marketing strategy, but it can prove futile without a caring, knowledgeable, and highly experienced partner. That is why we are here to help. Canvas Media is your one stop shop for all of your events’ marketing needs. We know how to leverage new and innovative technologies such as virtual reality and immersive techniques to ensure that your events are the talk of the town, and that they bring more and consistent business your way. In addition, we are highly skilled in producing highly relevant, reliable, and authoritative content that helps your business earn the trust of potential customers during these marketing events. We can help you score big when it comes to events marketing in 2018.