Nairobi has always been a scintillating city to live and work in, as well as a wonderful place to visit. The capital city of Kenya boasts of magnificent skyscrapers, beautiful wildlife, bustling streets, and scenic views. In addition, the city is famed for its voracious nightlife. Whether you are a visitor to, or a resident in Nairobi, you can always find something exciting to do every day in this beautiful city.

We went in search of the seven most exciting things to do in Nairobi, and came up with the list below.


Hepa Escape Rooms

This is a new frontier in the Nairobi entertainment and activity scene brought to you by Hepa. The concept of the escape rooms is quite simple and it involves escaping from a locked room in one hour by solving a variety of puzzles using clues hidden all over the room. Your group will have to reveal the secret plot in the immersive adventure room before time runs out for your team to win. Solving these puzzles is the challenging, but fun part, and requires the group members to work as a team, create and implement the right strategies, and work quickly in order to beat the clock and successfully escape the room. Book now to enjoy an hour full of fun and adventure. You can book a Hepa Escape Room every Monday through Thursday from 10 AM-7PM, and every Friday through Sunday from 11AM to 8PM.


Crazy Monday’s at Urban Burger

If you are a burger lover, and have not yet taken part in Urban Burger’s Crazy Mondays, you are definitely not enjoying Nairobi to the fullest. Urban Burger will help you beat the Monday Blues with their special Monday offer. For only Ksh 990, you will get two scrumptious burgers with a side of fries and coleslaw or onion rights. Come with a friend or more to enjoy this crazy deal.


High tea on Saturdays at Urban Eatery

If you are looking for some fancy fun on a Saturday afternoon, head over to the Urban Eatery for its weekly high tea. Every Saturday, the Urban Eatery hosts its own high tea, a perfect experience for you and your family, friends, or colleagues. Come and enjoy exquisite bitings among them famous Asian delights alongside a cup of your favourite tea. You can also enjoy a glass or two of the bubbly while you are at it.


Madora Fragrance Happy Hour

Madora, Nairobi’s premier fragrance and cosmetics boutique, now has a happy hour every Wednesday from 1-3pm. Come and shop for the trendiest fragrances, and cosmetics from your favourite international brands, and receive 20% OFF on each fragrance that you purchase.


The One Meter One Litre project in Nderi Primary School

The One Meter One Litre campaign has begun working on a pipeline to connect Nderi Primary, a low-income school, to a nearby borehole. Visit the school and gain an in-depth understanding of some of the challenges these children are facing apart from the lack of access to clean water in the school. You will also get an opportunity to mingle with incredibly gifted children who despite their circumstances are full of hope and determination.

Jazz Night at Art Caffe

If you are looking for the perfect way to wind down a Wednesday evening, the Art Caffe Grand has you covered. The entertainment spot has a Jazz night every Wednesday from 7PM to 11PM. Visit the joint to enjoy some relaxing, soul-soothing music from one of the best Jazz acts in the country, the Jacob Asiyo Quartet.

Maasai Market at Lavington Mall

If you are looking for Kenya-branded souvenirs, trinkets, and authentic Kenyan cultural artifacts, the Maasai Market at Lavington Mall is the place to be. The market is open every Friday, and all alternating weekends.

There you have it; a list of seven amazing things to do in Nairobi proudly brought to you by Canvas Media.