Warren Buffett — ‘The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.’


The other day, we had to pitch to a massive company. It was an amazing opportunity and it was an opportunity which we would have jumped at as it would elevate our brand, grow our credibility and build our portfolio as a start-up. I had spent two weeks designing for the pitch and we knew the company inside out.


As the day arrived we were ready. My partner and I knew what value we could add and they would be silly not to take us. As we entered the room, a sense of gloom fell upon me – would we really be happy working with this team. Did we believe in their products? Were they just selling to sell or did they really care about their customer? These were all questions running through my head.


In the end all though we won the pitch, we experienced a disconnect with the team. We asked ourselves would we be happy working with this company? Did our company culture fit? Eventually we decided this wouldn’t be the right fit, even though it would be a large sour of revenue for the company, we decided to follow our instincts and politely declined. This was a big pressure on us as we had to make sure we had made the right decision, but we decided to follow our instincts, stick to our values and do only things that made us happy.


By saying no, we actually opened ourselves to more opportunities. Time spent on this client was, instead spent elsewhere, building other revenue streams and brand and we have discovered so much more!


I have learnt that sometimes saying ‘No’ is the best thing – especially if your instinct supports it. Saying ‘No’ will sometimes leave you feeling a bit regretful in the short term thinking “what if i’m loosing out” but always remember, its for a long-term benefit.


Never do anything you feel the slightest uncomfort about and always remember choose where you spend you energy wisely. Say “No” to social pressure. Say “No” to bad energy. Say “No” to uncomfortable situations.


So, if you’re reading this, dont be afraid to say no – it will actually make you feeling better!