“Our brand is your CANVAS. We shall work together to paint a MASTERPIECE”

we create, we innovate & we disrupt

Canvas Media is a Creative Marketing Technology Agency, based in Kenya that offers innovative marketing services tailored to both Kenyan and International markets. We focus on data-driven strategies that are measurable, well-researched and help our customers to achieve long-term success with their brand goals and bottom line. We constantly strive to provide cutting-edge strategy, technology & creativity that enhances the customer experience.

Our energetic team comes with a combined experience of over 20 years of Marketing in the Food and Beverage, Hospitality, FMCG, Travel, Real Estate, Health and Wellness, Consumer Retail, Fast Fashion and Beauty sectors. With a growing reputation for spearheading marketing campaigns that are effective and out-of-the box, Canvas aims to continue disrupting the Kenyan advertising and creative industry.

Our focus.

We offer effective, innovative, out-of-the box, bespoke 360° marketing solutions.

Our promise.

We grow your brand in the most authentic, organic way possible.

Our mindset.

Create cool stuff, execute perfectly and break through the noise.

Our vision.

Canvas was created to bring marketing back to it’s roots – building great brands. We wanted to do this by combining brand chivalry with authenticity and innovation to create powerful brands that stand out through the ‘noise’ of today’s world.

Our services

Marketing and Brand Strategy, Website & App Development (Including E-commerce), Digital Marketing & Social Media Management, Production, Photography & Videography Graphic Design, Blogging & Content Marketing, Event Management, Promotion & Public Relations.

Proudly African

Africa is a rich vibrant colourful place that lives In the “Now”. As a creative agency, we aim to highlight this through the brands we work with to show that we connect with and understand the East African market. We embrace with colour and rhythm and we create a movement through our work. With too much information out there for consumers to process and understand, we as Canvas want to help channel our consumers interests and break through the noise.


Sonal Haria

Interpersonal, social, creative and tech-savvy, Sonal’s knack for marketing strategy and implementation has proved successful with clients. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Sonal recognized the need to offer contemporary digital marketing solutions to up and coming businesses in East Africa. After completing her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, at the Sauder School of Business, she went on to start a digital agency in Vancouver. Her strong networks in both the Canadian and Kenyan business communities, experience in investor-relations, technology and start-ups have have helped her translate and implement the latest digital strategies and technology into African markets. Her “just do it” mindset and strong work ethic drove both NutriEats and Canvas to evolve from start-ups to greatly respected brands in the Sub-Saharan business community. Sonal, an avid supporter of women in business and entrepreneurship, also runs her own blog Diaries of a Serial Entrepreneur.

Expertise – Brand Strategy & Product Placement | Market Research and Execution Planning |Digital Marketing Strategy | Digital PR | Offline Marketing Communications | Creative Direction

Arjan Grewal-Thethy

Strategic, client oriented, visionary entrepreneur with a sophisticated flair just some of the words to describe Arjan, Co-founder of both the innovative Nutrieats weight management brand and Canvas, a boutique marketing agency changing the face of the way we do business in Kenya. With powerful brands under the Canvas umbrella, Arjan’s experience coupled with insight into the Kenyan business arena has allowed him to cultivate and leverage powerful alliances and partnerships in the industry and build a strong network. Arjan brings a global perspective and knowledge of brand trends, strategies, marketing tactics mixed with genuine street savvy that make him relevant. Arjan’s discipline, focus and strategy ingrained through his practice of mixed martial at a professional level has helped to sustain rapid growth and development to build both Canvas and Nutrieats into successful businesses with an 80% growth rate over the last year.  Arjans keen interest for food and nutrition has helped him spear head various brand food and beverage marketing initiatives.

Expertise – Digital Marketing Strategy | International Brand Development in Africa | Online Marketing Communications | Creative Direction