Our approach.

Canvas is a boutique brand agency. We capture the spirit of your business and add our pinch of creativity  to deliver your brand to consumers in the most authentic way possible. We specialize in building fresh, innovative, strong brands that stand out.

Our Mission.

Canvas Media offers bespoke solutions to all our clients and is the answer for Kenyan companies seeking to improve their business and grow their brand.

Our story

The Canvas story began when Sonal and Arjan wanted to market their own personal health, fitness and lifestyle brand, NutriEats in an organic way. Because of this, they searched high and low for the right team to do things the way they wanted generic cookie-cutter strategies and methods!

Unable to find this they decided to do it themselves and so they did everything from photography, graphic design, market research, digital marketing and even published their own recipe book. The brand had grown through word of mouth and even more than they had anticipated!

Sonal had a BCom in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and had actually run her own marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada before moving back to Kenya. Arjan was well-versed with the business scene in Kenya with a strong sense of marketing, having managed and run companies for multiple years in Kenya.

And so Canvas was born, one fine day, at a cute, eclectic, Nairobi coffee shop over espressos, two macbooks and temperamental wifi!

Sonal’s Bio

Interpersonal, social, creative and tech-savvy, Sonal’s knack for marketing strategy and implementation has proved successful with clients. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Sonal recognized the need to offer contemporary digital marketing solutions to up and coming businesses in East Africa. As a founding partner of Socialettes Media Inc & XpoCity Events Inc in Vancouver, her strong networks in both the Canadian and Kenyan business communities have helped her translate and implement the latest digital strategies and technology into African markets.

Sonal also runs her own blog Diaries of a Serial Entrepreneur.

Arjan’s Bio

Strategic, client oriented, visionary entrepreneur with a sophisticated flair just some of the words to describe Arjan Singh Grewal Thethy, Co-founder of both the innovative Nutrieats weight management brand and Canvas, a boutique marketing agency changing the face of the way we do business in Kenya. With powerful brands under the Canvas umbrella, Arjan’s experience coupled with insight into the Kenyan business arena has allowed him to cultivate and leverage powerful alliances and partnerships in the industry and build a strong network. Arjan brings a global perspective and knowledge of brand trends, strategies, marketing tactics mixed with genuine street savvy that make him relevant. Arjan’s discipline, focus and strategy ingrained through his practice of mixed martial at a professional level has helped to sustain rapid growth and development to build both Canvas and nutrieats into successful businesses with an 80% growth rate over the last year.