To the Beautiful, Strong Woman Reading this,I decided to write this letter as a way to remind every woman reading this on how special and valuable she is. As women, we tend to under-estimate our worth and are always too harsh on ourselves over the thing people probably don’t even notice.Firstly I want to tell you, you are beautiful. Don’t change anything about you – the colour of your hair, the way you laugh, your smile. Imperfections are what make us unique. But you are beautiful and let me be the one to tell you that – because not many people tell you that – They are probably envious of you and don’t want to compliment you too much. But remember – you wouldn’t stand out if you blended in with everyone else – so DIFFERENT IS UNIQUE!I know you sit up at night sometimes contemplating about where you’re at in life, who your real friends are and who is destined to be the love of your life. Something else most people wont tell you – it’ll all be okay. Everything will turn out the way it should be. People will lecture you on who you should marry, what you should be doing with your career and what you should wear but you have a head on your shoulders and you can make your own decisions.A woman is an oasis in dessert where travellers gather to seek shade from you. You can choose who you give that shade to and how much. My advice – take control of your own life. Do things that make you smile and spend time on yourself. Too many times we find ourself going out of our way to please others – whether it’s relatives, society, your loved ones or at work, remember it is okay to say no sometimes if it does make you happy. One too many times, we are over-burdened with guilt about doing things to please other people. But you have to not allow that guilt to eat you – Of course do as much as you can but only as much as you WANT to.Never depend on anyone for happiness – I know this is the hardest thing and I still haven’t even managed to fully achieve that but by building yourself. following your dreams and doing something you love will help you get mentally independent. Build yourself and choose a career that makes you happy. Lead. Build. Grow. Inspire. Learn! (You can never stop learning) You have so much talent. Let it free – this world is your oyster. Don’t care about what others think. People who are too busy gossiping about you are definitely avoiding the chaos their own life is in. Concentrate on you. Look and feel your best – Please yourself not others. Spend time with a few people who mean a lot to you. Over socializing with blank people will only drain you and you will leave a party or wake up the next morning only feeling unfulfilled. Don’t waste time talking about or judging other people either. Be a wholesome person. Talk about things that interest you with people that interest you. Learn new things, travel, cook, read, love, eat, laugh.Basically, this life is too short to waste time being to hard on yourself. You are your best friend. Love yourself. Yes you are beautiful. Yes someone will love you with all his heart one day. Yes you are special. Yes you mean the world to so many people. Embrace the woman you are. You are already an inspiration and you are someone I would love to meet (again or for the first time) in this lifetime!