So it’s been a while since I last blogged. But I’m back now and I’ll aim to be consistent through all the craziness of being an entrepreneur and running two companies.

 I decided to share some frequent challenges most entreprneurs face and tips on how to stay overcome them. Because, like anything in life – be it weight loss, relationships and business, there will always be ups and downs. But you have to keep on going. Being an entrepreneur, nothing gets handed to you. You have to create your own path and you are constantly overcoming barriers. Here are some challenges you might face:

Challenge: Staying Positive

Of course you are motivated – I mean, we cant all be happy 100% of our lives! There are some days that you will feel down and feel like the odds are against you. Feelings of sadness and disappointment are natural – like my dad always says, you have to feel these feelings! But don’t let it swallow you. As long as you’re motivated 90% of the time, you’re on the right path. The greatest trait of an entrepreneur is being strong-willed, determined and strong-minded. If you feel down most of the time, make sure you’re actually doing somethign you’re passionate about! I love what I do!


  • Keep your eye on the Prize – Every time you feel low and like giving up, you have to remember where you’re heading. You had a (big) vision when you started – and that hasn’t changed. So just think – this will all seem like a breeze when you’ve made it so just push through!
  • You’ve come so far already! – You are definitely further than you were when you started, and that’s an accomplishment in itself!

Challenge: Failure

We all get disappointed by certain outcomes. Maybe we didn’t perform as well as we expected to or no-one bought into a concept you thought was the next big thing! Maybe someone has let you down or you’ve had to make hard decisions in life. 

Remember: Well firstly, I believe, in Entrepreneurship, there is no such thing as failure. Like they say, you’d rather live your life knowing that you’d tried instead of wondering what it! And it’s okay to be disappointed! If we didn’t fail, we wouldn’t know what to do better the next time. And every failure sets you up for an even bigger success!

Challenge: Conflict

This is one of the hardest things for me. I hate having conflict with anyone! I always feel it can be avoided and the most uncomfortable thing in the world for me is walking into a room knowing it’s slightly awkward with someone. I was always a peaceful person but sometimes i made the mistake of letting people walk all over me for being too nice.

Remember: Conflict is natural. People have different personalities, different tolerance levels and different motives. You can’t get everyone to like you and you cant try to please everyone either. When it comes to making business and life decisions, sometimes you’ll have to choose and make decisions that dont please everyone. Also, its unfortunate that not everyone will want the best for you. Whether you are dealing with employees, acquaintances and even clients or associates, you have to stay true to yourself and stand for what you believe in. Take an assertive approach rather than aggressive or passive. And hey, like I said, you can’t please everyone so don’t try!

If there are any other challenges you’d like me to help you solve, do comment or write to me! or!