Mornings are a great fresh start to the day ahead. A good start makes the whole day easier! Here are 5 simple habits I have formed to make the most of and appreciate each day:

  1. Wake Up Early– They say your brain is most active between 5am and 12pm. I do believe this and I try to be up by 6:30 every day (I am still trying for earlier!) Having more early hours allows you to maximize active brain time – allowing you to think more clearly, solve more problems and achieve more during the day, before you get sluggish and tired in the afternoon (especially if you live in a really hot country!) 
  2. Exercise – I love going to the gym before work. I like going through the day satisfied after the day’s workout so I can just concentrate on work. The post-workout endorphins also help and working out gives me more motivation to go through the day looking and feeling good! 
  3. Lemon Water – I love warm lemon water on an empty stomach, before going to the gym. Apart from the fact that this is said to be cleansing to your system, I love that quiet time to myself to just relax and think about the day ahead. 
  4. Dress Up– I always love looking and feeling good. Going to work should be something you are proud of and an opportunity you respect. Dress up – when you feel good about yourself, you draw more positive energy and can accomplish more! You are more confident and ready to take on the day. Try it! 🙂 
  5. Plan your “Big Thing” – I like to plan or think about something significant I want to accomplish in the day ahead. However big or small, do something each day that leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day