Entrepreneurship is all about the begin able to hustle and seize every opportunity – small or big that comes along. You have to look for openings, cracks and holes in walls that might seem daunting or impossible to climb. Why I say “Hustle” is because Entrepreneurship isn’t a path that has been laid out by others. Its a path with no job description, no guidelines, no laws and is often a path that is a lonely one. It’s about being able to open your own doors, create your own foundations and sweep through the unknown to create your own path.


Though university taught me theories, rational thinking and case studies, it has been all my experience of being an entrepreneur in the last few years that have taught me how to be street smart (And I give most of the credit to my business partner!) You have to be a quick on your feet, amicable, easy to mould amongst different personalities, and most of all, flexible. You have to form strategic partnerships that would let you leverage yourself and scale without having to do everything by yourself. You have to know how to profit from every minute of your time and not mistake “going that extra mile” for free time.


As an entrepreneur you can’t also put your eggs in one basket. You have to diversify – but there is a fine line between spreading your risk and being a jack of all trades and a master of none! You must put feelers out there because sometimes some plants will die and others will keep on growing.


The key is to stay “lean” – be able to mould your business to the changing trends, be open to opportunities and know how to analyze what things and people waste your time and what things are worth your time. So don’t waste time trying to look fancy, incurring too many costs or sticking inside your bubble (i.e only trying to do what you know with only who you know). Venture out. Gage the market. Jump onto any cool opportunities – you’re not loosing out on anything!


Be smart. The books do help but your wits and instincts are your best friend!