You’re probably sitting at your desk, scrolling social media. Ah-hah – I’ve already caught you! Why are you on your phone when you are working? Are you bored? Are you under-challenged? Are you frustrated? Is this just a monotonous day?


You wake up on a Monday dreading the week ahead. You spend the days looking at the clock. You spend the the week looking forward to Friday. You spend Friday and Saturday drinking a bit too much so you spend Sunday hungover, moping and dreading Monday. Then the cycle starts all over again.


Is this a satisfying life? Building someone else’s dream? These are questions you have to ask yourself. We are all told “get some experience first and then start your own thing.” But I think the longer time you spend building someone else’s dream the less time you have to build your own. I think that is so true. 


School teaches you to think rationally, strategically and pragmatically. But then the rest is experience. Sometimes it’s not about how long you spend on your PHD, Masters and other long fancy accreditations. Being book smart is very different to the real world. You need experience and the only way you can get that is by DOING.


Jobs are a sense of security. You know your salary will be paid and work ends at 5, you have statutory holidays off and weekends, and around three weeks leave each year. Its comfortable. But is it exciting?  


I know people have jobs for different reasons and not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But I am one, which is why I will advocate it. It gives me a thrill, a sense of satisfaction and allows me to do something I love. I am not answerable to anyone but myself. I can go on holiday when I like and end early when I like.


Obviously being an entrepreneur means you have to push yourself and work harder than anyone else. You have to take on all roles, fall down and pick yourself up, have faith when things seem bleak and keep going. But nothing good comes easy and if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!


I conclude by saying I hope you are all doing something that leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Would love to hear about anyone who has a cool venture running!Why your 9 to 5 Job is making You Unhappy